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Historical Tradition Returns: Englewood Back To School Parade

For 50 plus years the Englewood Back To School Parade has been creating peace, fun and memorable experiences in Englewood. Nothing can compare to this historical event that will return August 27, 2016.

Beautify Your $1 Lot: Residents Can Qualify for Beautification Grant

All Greater Englewood Residents who purchased $1 Chicago vacant lots in the Large Lots program are eligible for a $2,500 grant to beautify their lots.

Englewood Matters: No Vote! No Voice!

Too few voters regularly show up at the polls in Englewood, giving away one of their most important sources of power in the future of our community.

Joseph Assignment Global Initiative Donates Funds to Assist Local Englewood Food Pantries

 This past Saturday, Joseph Assignment Global Initiative supplied more than 20 volunteers to help build a playground at a Head Start in the Englewood community. In addition Joseph Assignment Global donate funds to Teamwork Englewood to provide assistance to local food pantries.

Residents Express Safety Concerns of Norfolk Southern Construction Site

Englewood residents are being exposed to debris, pollution and even inappropriate behavior by construction workers. Zero fences, safety signs or caution tape is present at the construction site on 57th Stewart done by Norfolk Southern Railroad.

Kusanya Cafe Website Launch Party

Spend  today August 19th in some incredible company as the students of Englewood Codes debut Kusanya Cafe's new website.

Clara's House partners with White Sox/Chicago Bulls Academy

Clara's House will partner with Chicago White Sox/Chicago Bulls Academy to present 1st Annual camp of its kind at Daniel S. Wentworth Elementary School.  

Get To Know Your Englewood Barista

Do you know your local Englewood baristas? Stop by Kusanya Cafe to find out who's brewing the best coffee  in Chicago.

Clara's House Presents: CLARA-THON December 19th, 2013

WYCC PBS Chicago and Clara's House Shelter Presents: Clara-Thon December 19th, 5pm-8pm at Kenndey King College.

Americano For Englewood: Cups Up

The Kusanya Café is finally opening! Join The Kusanya Café for an exclusive sneak peek at the pre-opening party November 1st 6pm-9pm...

3rd Annual Englewood International Film Festival

Enjoy a weekend of networking, screen new films and network with amazing people at the 3rd Annual Englewood International Film Festival..October 24th-October 27th..

Canaan Community Church 1st Marriage Conference

Free marriage conference for married, engaged, or couples thinking about marriage. Join us on October 26th as we take back marriages in God's name!

Find Out What It's Like Being Hal Baskin

Find out what it's like being Hal Baskin, One of many leaders in the Englewood community.

The experience of my first job

I had the privilege of getting job experience at age 15 from Teamwork Englewood

Englewood Reacts To Zimmerman's Not Guilty Verdict

Nationwide, hundreds of people took to the streets to protest George Zimmerman being found not guilty in the shooting death of Flordia teen Travyon Martin. Chicagoans took to Daley Plaza to protest.

St. Bernard launches blood drive in Englewood

St. Bernard Hospital will host its annual blood drive Friday July 19, 2013 from 11a.m. to 5p.m. at the hospital located at 326 West 64th Street in Chicago. The blood drive seeks to tackle a significant lack of donors from the South Side neighborhoods served by the hospital, as well as the citywide need for blood donations.

Englewood Youth Become Tech Savvy and Get A Piece of the Pi

The summer of 2013 will be unlike any summer for some Englewood youth.

Englewood Codes!

A 10-week summer project where teens from Englewood will learn how to build their own websites from scratch. Apply today!

Voting in Englewood

It's hard to cast a vote in Englewood.

Englewood's A.A.M.I. Youth Spend A Saturday at C.R.O.E.

A typical Saturday afternoon for Englewood youth can vary depending on whom you ask.

Tentative Agreement Reached in Teacher Strike; Heavy Lifting Over

This afternoon CTU's president Karen Lewis spoke during a press confernce stating a tenative agreement has been reached with CPS on the 5th day of the strike.

Police Presence Beefed Up In Englewood But Violence Continues

A question to Mayor Emanuel and Commander Leo Schmitz: If Englewood was granted an increase of 100 officers to address crime, where is the relief for residents?

The Englewood Community Becomes Digital Savvy

The Smart Communities Program in Englewood has helped the community and the residents bridge the digital disconnect through technology training.

Transforming Education in Englewood

The Greater Englewood Community Action Council is excited to share the Greater Englewood Strategic Educational Plan!! 

Charles Ross

Information about Charles Ross of ASM.

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