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Voting in Englewood

I am upset to the point that, I want people to know why.  Three weeks ago, we received cards from the Board of Election that listed three ways to vote the first way was absentee voting which was over when the card came.  The card said, file absentee voting/voting by mail, applications in mid October.  The second way was early voting at a library located on 76th & Racine My address is 68th & Wolcott.  Why should we have to go to a library on 76th& Racine when we have a NEW library within walking distance  

Voting in Englewood

Brenda Taylor

located on 63rd &Woods where we have did early voting in the past. 

However, what bothered me the most was the third way.  According to this card, OUR POLLING PLACE HAD BEEN CHANGED and on November 6th, we must vote at 65th and Racine in Ogden Park, which is about 16 blocks away from 68th, & Wolcott.  I have lived on 68th & Wolcott Ward17 Percent19 for over thirty years.  We have always been able to walk around the corner and vote. What ever happened to voting at your closest church or school?  This neighborhood is made up of poor people, sick people, people with small children, and older people.  Nevertheless, we all love our President and if we could, we would vote.  If you don’t have a car, or $5.75 for bus fare you will not be able to vote. 

I am also a judge for the election this year at the meeting downtown we were told that we will only count people whose names are on our list but if a resident comes to our polling place and says I want to vote here because this is where I always vote, we are suppose to check our lists and if their name is not on our list, tell them, it is not here but if they insist, don’t turn them away (EVERY ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO VOTE)  just give them a provisional voting ballot and let them vote.  That vote will not be counted, but the person has exercised his right to vote and will go away happy.  I was so upset I even called the Alderwoman Thomas’s office where a very wonderful person put me in check, by stating the difference between you and me, is you are complaining about voting 16 blocks away from your house while I would go 100 miles away from my house to vote.  Well I do plan on voting at a library this week, for two reasons.  Number one is I want to do my part to support this President. Number two is since I am a judge I won’t be have time to vote on November 6th.  There is always the next mayor’s and aldermanic elections in a few years. 

I also wrote my Alderwoman, see below.

Dear Latasha Thomas, I know this was done by the Board of Elections and hurt many other people in Chicago, but I believe you knew in advance and some kind of way you could have warned us.  Why did we have to find out about this on a post card?   Therefore, I am warning you I won’t forget this slap in the face.  I plan on working with and supporting any one who wants your job.  I know that this is a lost fight already but maybe it is time to fight the battles that have not been lost yet.      

The story continues......

We did go to the Thurgood Marshall Library located on 76th & Racine we stood in line about 30 minutes then we were seated in a room with 100 other voters.

There we learned that there would be a 45 to 60 minute wait to vote on the machines Some people did leave because they had small children with them or they had other places to be.  The people who left all promised to return on a later day.  Tuesday, the whole process took 2 hours.  If we had not had own transportation we could have added another hour to the process, getting there by bus and back home.          

Tips:  For Tuesday November 6th 2012

On Tuesday, go to the place that is listed on the card you got from the Board of Elections. For more information on where to vote contact here Chicago Board of Elections.

If you have misplaced your information, ask a neighbor.

Don’t waste your time trying to vote at a polling place that does not have your name on their books YOUR VOTE WILL NOT BE COUNTED.

Try to get a ride with someone on your block that has a car.

To make sure your vote is counted just vote Democratic.  Our main goal is to cast a vote for Obama.  If you decide to vote for everyone individually be careful not to under vote of over vote if the judge says you have under voted (meaning you missed a person on ballot) or she says you have over voted meaning (you picked too many people on the ballot) she must ask you if you want to try again.  SAY YES and this time and just vote Democratic. 

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