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Tentative Agreement Reached in Teacher Strike; Heavy Lifting Over

Parents are being told to prepare to return their kids to school on Monday. The CTU's house of delegates will vote on Sunday and if all goes accordingly students will be in class on Monday. This would send some 350,000 Chicago Public School students back to school as the agreement reached comes in optimism. 

During a Friday afternoon press conference, CTU and CPS would not give the details of the tenative contract that was reached. CTU's attorney Robert Bloch told reporters that the committee would take the contract to the members to review as early as Sunday  and decide if the strike will be suspended.

Teamwork Englewood is assisting CPS efforts to keep the youth off the streets during the strike and after it ends. Students from Nicholson have been coming to Teamwork Englewood to rehearse for a play as well as utitlize resources at Teamwork Englewood to stay engaged.

Nicholson students (at teamwork englewood)

Rashanah Baldwin

Englewood parents as well as residents remain hopeful that the teachers will get a fair contract.

A teacher rally is scheduled for tomorrow.

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