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Residents Express Safety Concerns of Norfolk Southern Construction Site

There are 20 plus residents who have yet to move from their homes located between 55th-61st (Stewart to Parnell). The area is where the Norfolk Southern railroad expansion is taking place. Many residents and community activists are not only upset with the environmental concerns but also with the financial burden, unfairness and strong arm tactics that they say have been taking place since 2010.

Recent concerns are from community activists and Englewood natives like Bishop Edward Peecher and Deborah Payne who are members of the Englewood Railroad Coalition. Payne says the issue is bigger than the money, "It's the unsafe construction site, the disrespect to the community and the lack of knowledge available to residents about their options." More specifically Payne is referring to recent footage and photos captured that show a non-fenced site, zero cautionary signage or protection from the residents who can easily enter the construction site.

In the footage Payne captured, she shows that the site is directly across from her home and in it a construction worker can be seen urinating in public. The videos further show multiple hazardous elements including dump trucks, piles of large rocks, mud, sand and other debris that are exposed. These elements pose potential danger mainly for young children who walk past the open site to and from school everyday, according to Payne.

Calls and complaints have already been made by Payne and the coalition to 311, the EPA, 20th Ward Alderman Willie Cochran and Norfolk Southern.

 Payne goal is to have the area protected and sealed off before any incidents occur. She also says she will be the last to leave because she wants to ensure residents are making intelligent decisions, doing research on their moving options, selling of their homes and overall being treated fairly.


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