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Charles Ross

  My name is Charles Ross. I can basically do anything that I feel is required and more. I’m an honorable man that can keep a nice and clean environment. My intelligence of school and the streets is well balanced. I know when to work and to have fun. This makes my life simpler than others. Any problem that I come to is easily cleared. Sometimes I am too nice because I am very forgiving. Also, I have a high tolerance for bad things in my presents.

I went to Carrie Jacob Bond Elementary School for most of my gammer school education. I graduated from Perkins Bass. I went to Paul Robeson High School for all my high school years. I plan to study automotive engineering in college. I plan to graduate from MIT University with a Masters in Automotive Engineering.

Keywords: After School Matters, Englewood Community, Englewood Youth, EnglewoodPortal,, Smart Communities, Teamwork Englewood, Writing

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