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Police Presence Beefed Up In Englewood But Violence Continues

On a Sunday afternoon a total of three youth and one adult were shot without police being able to catch the gunman shortly after the incident. Again I pose the question if the presence was increased in Englewood, how does a gunman unload

his weapon in broad daylight at a busy intersection like 55th and Ashland? As well as hit four victims and get away without a single suspect in custody?  

Then, just today to have another youth also in the Englewood community shot while simply walking up the street with friends again in broad daylight.  

Where is the increase that was talked about Mayor Emanuel?

Understandably Commander Schmitz, officer aren't able to predict where the crime in Englewood will be, but they are, I hope able to have a general knowledge of troubled areas within the community.  In my opinion if there is ever going to be any resolution to the community's escalating violence there has to be repoire between the residents, resident organizations and law enforcement, to my knowledge this still has not taken place yet. Why?

Keywords: 7th District Police, black youth, Chicago Police, City of Chicago, Commander Leo Schmitz, Englewood Commander, Englewood Community, englewood crime, Mayor Rahm Emanuel

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