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New Leadership Emerges From Englewood

Many residents in Englewood often feel enraged, disappointed and upset about the way the community is portrayed in the media and the present conditions of the community.

R.A.G.E Memebers

Demond Drumer, Aysha Butler and Antoine Butler

Several residents living in Greater Englewood decided to take matters into their own hands and formed the Resident Association of Greater Englewood, better known as R.A.G.E. "It's exciting to be around fellow Englewood Residents who truly care about the future of Englewood," says Aja Mac, Englewood Resident and R.A.G.E memeber.

R.A.G.E is a newly formed resident-funded and resident-led association that aims to mobilize people and resources to force a change in the community by breaking down barriers to communication and promoting positivity through solution-based problem solving. Members of R.A.G.E reside in all six wards that makeup the neighborhood and work each day to improve conditions in Englewood. They are homeowners, stakeholders, business owners, professionals, students, parents, residents and concerned citizens vying against the stereotypes that often stigmatize Englewood.

Several issues are at the forefront of the minds of R.A.G.E members and the most relevant issue R.A.G.E is focusing on is the redistricting process and youth development. R.A.G.E essentially wants to redraw the boundaries of the neighborhood and seeks to have at least one ward office in the community and at most three aldermanic representatives in the near future.

Phil Sipka

In the beginning of 2011 R.A.G.E hosted three aldermanic candidate forums for the six alderman and current candidates running for office in one of six wards. These forums allowed residents to meet with current and potential leaders looking to serve a portion of Englewood. The forums were created to give the candidates as well as the incumbents the chance to hear the needs of the community and share their platform on what their goals are for Englewood.

When asked about the future of R.A.G.E, Phillip Sipka, Englewood Resident and R.A.G.E co-member said,"I hope R.A.G.E continues to be a source of empowerment for residents that is grassroots driven."


When R.A.G.E is not hosting forums, they meet monthly to enhance youth development, solve problems in the community, inform and educate the fellow residents on the latest issues affecting the community. R.A.G.E is focused on representing the good in Englewood.

R.A.G.E is determined to shed light on the amazing people, programs, organizations and businesses in Englewood, early this year co-founder Aysha Butler have made appearances on The Sanita Jackson Show on WVON 1690 AM, The Munir Muhammad Show on CAN-TV CH. 25 and First Business Chicago on WCIU. Butler was also spotlighted in an article by Time Out Chicago.

To learn more about R.A.G.E visit, email or call 866-845-1032.

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