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Englewood Clergy Persons Host Annual Far South Side Church Block Party/Picnic & Job Fair, Sunday, 8/20/17, 12 Noon-to-5 PM
Englewwod Clergy Persons Host Annual Church Block Party/Picnic & Job Fair, 8-20-17, 12 Noon-to-5PM, at Historic Reformation Lutheran Chicago on the Far South Side
Englewood Pastor Introduces AFRICAN AMERICAN CULTURAL CENTER both Actually and Online
Rev. Joel Washington (Khunanpu Sangoma), a veteran resident of Englewood's Co-Op Senior Apartments on 63rd Parkway, has laaunched the new actual and online AFRICAN AMERICAN CULTURAL CENTER (AACC).
Englewood Pastor Coalesces With SOUL On "NIGHT OUT FOR SAFETY & LIBERATION"
Englewood Pastor Coalesces With SOUL On "Night Out For Safety & Liberation"
Celebrate Greater. Greater St John AMEC -130 Years of Service To Englewood
The faith community of Greater Saint John AME Church and the city of Chicago will pause to celebrate 130 years of service to Englewood and the larger South Side Chicago.
Englewood Pastor Promotes National Black Museum's Inaugural Year (9-24-16/through/12-31-17)
Englewood Pastor Promotes National Museum on African American History & Culture Inauguarl Year in Metro Chicago
Englewood's Liturgical Bible Studies Weekly
Englewood Pastor publishes Liturgical Bible Texts and brief commentaries weekly.
New Englewood Senior Ministry Celebrates 1st Anniversary & Black History Month
UnChained Ministry (UM), an Englewood-based faith community of Black Church believers, "called to serve seniors and their extended families," celebrated their 1st anniversary as well as Black History…
Large Vacant Lots Available for $! through January 31
Property oweners can purchase vacant lots for one dollar and Teamwork Englewood willassist witht he application process.
Future Entrepreneurs Recognized
Pastor's Of Englewood award "Future Entreprenuer" certificates to youth.
Meeting Halfway: Englewood Community Planning Meeting
A meetign to discuss how ot create economic opportunites in the Englewood community.
First Ladies and women leaders of Englewood are moving the Englewood Health Matters Day health and wellness message in alliance with the Beloved Community Family Wellness Center as the…
Englewood Police Youth Baseball League is Recruiting!!!!!!
Englewood Police Youth Basbeball League is now recruiting for the 2016 Summer season. The mission of Englewood Police Youth Baseball League is to strengthen relationships between the Englwood…
Pastors of Englewood Clergy Breakfast 2015
Pastors of Englewood Clergy Breakfast, Saturday, June 20, 2015, at the New Birth Church, 1500 W 69th St, Chicago, IL
New Christian Social Network Offers Better Choice For Facebook Users
My Space for Grace is a new social network, which looks similar to Facebook, but is a whole lot better once you get inside. It officially launched on February 1, 2015 and will give Christians a new…
R.A.G.E. Celebrates Englewood - 4th Annual Holiday & Networking Party!
R.A.G.E invites Englewood stakeholders from all over Chicago to celebrate the #GoodinEnglewood at our 4th Annual Holiday & Networking Party, Thursday, December 18th at Club 6601 - 6601 S.…
How I Am Stronger Than Violence
Keisha L Murray, a y outh from Imagine Englewood if, explains how she is stronger than violence and how she overcomes it.
President Obama, Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, and the Conspiracy Theorists (Imani Media Ministry Matters)
Imani Media Ministry Matters-commentary on the current US Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl prisoner-of-war release, the Repulican Party, PR operative driven, media controversy, and Right Wing Anti-President…
Reformation Lutheran Church-Chicago's Last Sundays Jazz Servic honors Chicago State University Community Task Force for Landing the Obama Presidential Library on CSU Campus.
Pace Circle !!!!!!!
Pace Circle!!!!!!! Youth Getting together telling there great storys, doing the right thing.
Putting it all “On the Table”
The concept is pretty simple – 10,000 Chicagoans eating, talking and discussing great ideas about how to make the region a better place to live.
Southside Radio Ministry Interviews Kwanzaa's Dr. Maulana Karenga
Southside Drum Majors For Justice, the emerging media outreach ministry of Reformation Lutheran Church-Chicago launches internet radio-thon program.
Reformation's Jazz Vespers to Dedicate Young Obama Hall for Racial and Social Justice
Roseland-Pullman's Reformation Lutheran Church Launches Onging Advocacy Project to Bring Obama Presidential Library to the Far Southside
Canaan Community Church 1st Marriage Conference
Free marriage conference for married, engaged, or couples thinking about marriage. Join us on October 26th as we take back marriages in God's name!
Canaan Community Church Brochure
A non-denominational Christian church which seeks to bring value to every person with which we come in contact. .
Canaan Community Church Brochure
A non-denominational Christian church which seeks to bring value to every person with which we come in contact. .

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