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Englewood Pastor Announces Official Birth of New Faith-Based Senior Tenants Rights Group at Bethel-Sangamon Terrace-HUD Subsidized Low Income Housing Complex @ 63rd PKWY-16th Ward

"On this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it."  -NKJV Matthew 16:18-

1.  Rev. Joel Washington (Khunanpu Sangoma), the African-Centered Lutheran Pastor of Englewood, recently announced that effective July 23, 2019, RESIDENTS ONLY CAFE: A HUD Faith-Based Initiative Tenants Rights Organization (ROC) has been born to help represent the interests of residents at Bethel-Sangamon Terrace(s) Senior Rental Apartments, 900 W. 63rd PKWY and 6145 S. Sangamon respectively, Chicago IL 60621.

2.  "ROC is born to push-back against the arbitrary and capricious mis-management practices of on-sight executives, paper governance boards, and staff" says Rev. Washington (Sangoma), Convener of ROC, Executive Secretary Pro-temp, and Chaplain of the newly born senior residents rights group.

3.  "Our basic issue campaign is centered on rolling back the illegal denial, by local property management to of our right to hold weekly Sunday worship service in our complex's JoAnn Thompson Community Room" says Rev. Washington (Sangoma).

4.  "Denying Englewood subsidized housing residents not only a basic HUD right, but also a basic U.S. Constitutional and human right to access common apartment complex space for weekly Sunday worship (especially for senior residents with limited mobility) is a blatent violation, nay, an outragious non-compliance with HUD's SIX RIGHTS OF RESIDENTS RULES.  Rules applicable to all HUD sponsored housing tenants regardless of race, religion, color, or creed" adds Rev. Washington (Sangoma).

5.  "ROC has joined with METROPOLITAN TENANTS ORGANIZATION (MTO) in seeking to present its group's basic issue campaign grievance not only to Chicago's HUD Regional Office but to its housing complex's top management i.e., Evergreen Real Estate Group's Verigreen/EREG Residential Development, Mr. Larry Pulsaten the realty group's VP and Principal as well as its Director of Regulatory Compliance Officer, Ms. Cheryl Warren" observes Rev. Washington (Sangoma).

6.  Pastor Washington (Sangoma) also stated "Finally, we are seeking to get City Hall involved via appealing for moral and active support from our incoming 16th Ward Alderwoman, Hon. Staphanie Coleman."

7.  For more information about RESIDENTS ONLY CAFE: HUD Faith-Based InitiativeTenants Rights Organization @ Bethel-Sangamon Terrace(s), please contact Rev. Washington (Sangoma) at

8.  ROC meets Tuesday evenings weekly 5-6:45 PM in the JoAnn Thompson Community Room, Bethel Sangamon Terrace(s)-63rd PKWY entrance.  Order of Service: 5:10-5:40 PM Tenants Rights and Bible Study 5:45-6:45 PM.  Concerned Englewood Portal readers are cordially invited to attend. 

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