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Englewood Pastor Notes DC and LA African American Cultural Centers' Lifting-up 1967 Newark Rebellion and Its National Conference on Black Power Aftermath at 50/Part 4

1. Planned a year earlier, but conincidentally scheduled to be held from July 20-to-23, just three days in the wake of Newark's 1967 Rebellion, the first National Conference on Black Power organizers came under tremendous pressure to either postpone or relocate the conference-both from urban Newark and New Jersey State's elected officials.

2. The National Conference on Black Power Continuations Committee (NCBPCC) refused to relent to the pressure of Ciity and State officials however.  The organizing group felt further confimed in their tough decision by a late spike in Conference registration further confirmed by the affirmation, of one elderly Black woman phone regitrant from New York City emphatically saying, "We're coming, baby!"

3.  Here we quote fully from journalist Mr. Chuck Stone, NCBPCC member, reporting, by way of his contribution to Floyd B. Barbour's 1968 anthology, THE BLACK POWER REVOLT, "The following list (in alphabetical order) is a small cross-section of the broad heterogeniety of some of the 286 organizations and institutions represented" (at the first National Conference on Black Power convened in 1967's Post-Rebellion Newark):

"Abyssinian Baptist Church of N.Y.C., Amsterdam News, Association of Black Social Workers, A. Philip Randolph Insittute, Better Business Investors, Black Liberation Center, Black Muslims, Business and Industrial Coordinating Council, Catholic Inter-racial Council, Committee to Save Negro Lives on Foreign and Domestic Battlefields, Committee to Seat a Negro Congressman in Brooklyn, CORE, Delta Ministry, Detroit's Inner City Organizing Committee, Democratic Liberation Party of San Francisco, "Did You Know" Publication, Educational Marketing Associates, East Orange Housing Authority, Fisk University Poverty Research Group, Forum 66, Freedom Associates, Greater Hartford Council of Churches, Harlem Pastors Council of Civil Rights, Harvard University, Houston Mayor's Office, I.L.G.W.U., Indiana Herald, Jazz-Art Societyfor Social Research, Kappa Alpha Psi, Kansas City School System, Liberator Magazine, Lower East Side Community Reorganization, Mau Maus, Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, Muhammad Speaks, NAACP, National Council of Negro Women, National Medical Association, New England Grass Roots Organization (N.E.G.R.O.), Ne York Police Dept., Northern Student Movement...." (To be continued).  

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