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How I Am Stronger Than Violence

                       I Am Stronger Than Violence!                                 

How am I stronger than violence?    

I am stronger than violence by the way I think critical leading to the way I act. The choices I make help prevent me from participating in violent actions unless I am in a harmful situation. I take my talents and use them in a positive way to keep me out the streets. Friends...... I don’t need them because a friend will bring more drama than you think. That’s Why I choose the people I hang with wisely, because there’s nothing like losing your life over or with someone that live a violent lifestyle that you don’t know about so be careful with who you chill with. I am Also Stronger than Violence by the way I look and handle certain situations. Meaning ignoring people and their hater ways. People hate all-day and every day to test to see if u weak-minded to trap you were they want to either severely hurt or kill you. So to avoid that I stay to myself and stay focused on my future with my art and music skills. Those Are Ways How I am Stronger Than Violence.    

By.Keisha L Murray

Keywords: stronger, Violence, youth

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