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The 2012 Violence Stops Here Youth Performance Competition Starts Soon!


The Violence Stops Here competition begins online September 1st for youth Chicago's Chatham, Englewood, and Grand Boulevard communities.

This is the second year of the Violence Stops Here campaign and contest. Chicago Public School Students ages 13 – 19 can enter to submit a short video of a rap, song or spoken word telling the world how Violence Stops or what it will be like when Violence Stops in their community.

The top ten entrants will betaken by limousine to compete for a $2,500 cash scholarship in front of a studio audience at the VSH12 Live showcase in October at Resolution Digital Studios in Chicago. The first and second runners up will also receive cash scholarship awards.

Entries will be judged on relevance, number of online votes, and content creativity (not video quality). Registration and submission open September 1st at Students should register even if they aren’t ready to submit a video. Public voting opens October 1st. Rules and details will be available online at

The VSH12 committee, made up of community-based organizations, will determine the top entries to appear online for voting by the community, relatives and friends of the competitors. Residents will be invited to view and comment on videos throughout the voting period.

The top 3 teachers to register contestants will also receive awards and join contestants in the October VSH12 showcase at Resolution Digital Studios.

“The Violence Stops Here campaign affords our youth an opportunity to speak freely and creatively on issues that directly impact their lives. It is a wonderful listening tool. Community leaders and Religious leaders should pay close attention to these messages. We need to know what our youth are thinking and how they internalize situations in their environment.” Alderman JoAnn Thompson, 16th Ward

The campaign is part of the Urban Initiative Plan and supported by local Chicago councilmen: 3rd Ward Alderman Pat Dowell, 4th Ward Alderman Will Burns, 6th Ward Alderman Roderick T. Sawyer, 15th Ward Alderman Toni Foulkes, and 16th Ward Alderman JoAnn Thompson.

“The VSH12 is designed to spark the fertile minds of youth and perpetuate the often overlooked positive nature of these communities.” Steven C. Philpott, CEO XtraMedium Communications.

People interested in the campaign should visit September 1st and look for billboards across communities that provide updated information on workshops and promotional activities throughout the campaign.

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