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Executive Intern - Outreach

Community Outreach Intern is a person who wants to improve his or her community. The Intern lives in the community where he or she will help the residents. Their responsibilities include the overseeing of Community Resources and all kinds of activities. The Intern gets involved with community affairs and helps residents who are in need. Being a community outreach worker gives the Intern the opportunity to reach out to the grassroots level of people and make a difference in their lives. The residents interact with each other and socialize with the Intern. Educational programs are organized for the benefit of the residents.

The Intern has the power to influence choices and behavior in the community. Relationships are developed through one-on-one interaction. It is important for the Intern to be able to plan, develop, implement, and evaluate community programs. With the many fields that an Outreach Intern can engage in, it is the Community & Faith-Based nonprofit organizations, and local businesses, schools and political offices including health departments that are most well known. In this kind of work, flexible work hours are needed and hard work is required of the community outreach worker.

Since the Intern adapts to the lifestyle of the community that is served, the candidate needs to be open-minded about other people’s way of life. Depending on the duration that the Intern needs to spend in a certain community, the candidate has to be prepared physically and emotionally in dealing with a new group of people. It is important for the community members to trust the Intern. With trust as the foundation, the community members can open up about their need for programs that can improve their lives.