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Comprehensive Care, Community, and Culture (C4P) AmeriCorps Program

What is AmeriCorps?
AmeriCorps is a national service program that involves people in “getting things done” in communities. AmeriCorps Members develop an ethic of service while strengthening local communities. Each year in Illinois, thousands of AmeriCorps members give millions of dollars in service back to their communities

What is C4P?

The Comprehensive Care, Community and Culture Program (C4P) aims to improve the overall health and well-being of patients in the program by addressing a wide range of medical and social needs. The C4P program builds off of the Comprehensive Care Physician Program, which offers patients at high risk of hospitalization a comprehensive care physician (CCP) who cares for them in both the hospital and the clinic. In addition to receiving care from a CCP, C4P patients are regularly asked about a range of unmet social needs and given access to a community health worker and community-based arts and culture programming. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has funded a randomized trial of C4P at the University of Chicago.

What will I do as an AmeriCorps member with C4P?
AmeriCorps members will be responsible for extending the reach of the C4P program to impact patient experience with care and health outcomes, lower hospitalization rates, and resolve unmet social needs for participants. AmeriCorps members will be based at the University of Chicago Medical Center or Ingalls Memorial Hospital and will:

  1. Assess hospitalized patients for unmet medical and social needs
  2. Directly serve these patients as community resources specialists and through the implementation of community-based arts and culture programming,
  3. Recruit Medicare patients of diverse ages who are at increased risk of hospitalization for the C4P program, which is designed to serve their medical and social needs,
  4. Help evaluate the effects of the C4P program
  5. Leverage volunteers to help recruit participants and evaluate the C4P program

As a member, you will:

What are the benefits of being a member?

What are the program requirements?

To be eligible to serve as an AmeriCorps member, you must:

For more information or to apply

Visit or contact Kelsey Bogue at Benefits include living allowance, educational award, and others.