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Want to work with animals? Veterinary Assistant Apprentice - PAWS Chicago

Have you always wanted to work with animals? Are you a resident of Englewood, West Englewood, or Back of the Yards? PAWS Chicago has a unique learning opportunity that may be for you! Click here!

Our Community Medicine program has an open position for a motivated individual to gain on-the-job skills as a Veterinary Assistant, while helping neighborhood pets. This is paid part-time, 12-week position. Program starts early November.  No prior experience in animal welfare necessary.

Apprenticeship objectives:

Participants will learn the following skills during the apprenticeship. Mastery of objectives will be determined by observation of attending veterinarian. By the end of the apprenticeship, the individual will have mastered the skills applicable to a new veterinary technician/nurse and basic transferable skills so as to be hirable at any small animal practice or shelter.

  1. Proper restraint of pets for medical exams, vaccinations, and venipuncture 
  2. Basic external anatomy of cats and dogs
  3. Subcutaneous (Vaccine) injection
  4. Venipuncture and phlebotomy (collecting of blood samples for diagnostics)
  5. Medical vocabulary pertinent to diagnosis and prescriptions
  6. Communication techniques to record an adequate veterinary medical history
  7. Performing certain diagnostics such as table-top chemistry tests
  8. Introduction to the commonly used medicines
  9. Ability to perform a basic physical exam to acquire a temperature, pulse rate, and respiratory rate
  10. Ability to anticipate the needs of the veterinarian
    1. These are all skills that can be listed on a resume that would be attractive to a veterinary clinic. If you feel like there is too much detail, feel free to remove whichever you would like!

Applicant requirements:

  1. Must be a city of Chicago resident, and reside on the South Side. Preference will be given to residents of Englewood, West Englewood, and Back of the Yards
  2. Must be at least 18 years of age
  3. Must be able to stand, sit, lift, and carry 50 lbs
  4. Must be able to commit to all twelve apprenticeship sessions. Because the sessions are only once per week, successful completion of the apprenticeship will require full attendance and participation at all twelve sessions.
  5. Must be willing to work with both cats and dogs and demonstrate passion for animals
  6. Must be able to greet individuals/pet owners free of judgement regardless of the circumstances surrounding a pet.
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