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ComEd Launches Power Line Safety Awareness Campaign

As part of National Safety Month and its ongoing efforts to promote electrical equipment safety, ComEd is launching a public awareness campaign to caution customers about the dangers of working around overhead power lines.

With a theme of “One Line You Should Never Cross,” the campaign targets contractors and “do-it-yourselfers” who work on outdoor home improvement projects that may bring them close to overhead power lines.

“Summer is the beginning of home improvement season and one of the biggest risks people can take is assuming there is no risk around power lines,” said Terence R. Donnelly, executive vice president and COO. “At ComEd, the safety of our customers, contractors and employees is our top priority. Our campaign is designed to reach people who work on homes and provide important power line safety messages and resources to raise awareness of dangers associated with working near power lines.”

The campaign will consist of digital, radio and billboard ads in communities with big box home improvement stores and heavy contractor populations. The ads are scheduled to begin running in early June and will be available in English, Spanish and Polish.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), there are nearly 400 electrocutions in the United States each year.

  • 8% of consumer product-related electrocutions each year are attributed to electrical accidents with power drills, saws, sanders, hedge trimmers, and other electric power tools.
  • 9% of consumer product-related electrocutions each year are caused by accidents involving the use of lawn and garden equipment and ladders, which come into contact with overhead power lines.

ComEd reminds its customers that safety in any project, no matter how big or small, is paramount. When working on home improvement projects, ComEd offers the following safety tips:

  • Before digging for any project, dial 811 to arrange for any utility lines to be marked.
  • Keep ladders and other tools at least 10 feet from overhead power lines.
  • Do not climb or trim trees near power lines.
  • Keep electric tools and appliances away from wet surfaces including pools and patios.
  • Never approach a downed power line. Always assume a power line is energized and extremely dangerous.
  • If you encounter a downed power line, immediately call ComEd at 1-800-EDISON1 (1-800-334-7661) or access our website at and report the location. Spanish-speaking customers should call 1-800-95-LUCES (1-800-955-8237).

For more safety information, visit

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