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Southside Tech Boom -Englewood is getting a Tech Incubator

The Greater Englewood CDC* and Blue1647*  have partnered to bring a host of technical assistance to small businesses, students and residents in Englewood.  This partnership will:

•Offer hours of digital training

•Launch new ventures

•Create web, social media sites and mobile applications for clientes 

•Accelerate students completing Cisco Academy certification courses

•Provide technical assistance and mentorship

Technology is arguably the cornerstone of our daily lives.  This newly proposed incubator will equip anyone who desires to add (more) technology to his or her knowledge base with all the latest, competive tools high tech has to offer.

Ultimately, this will translate into more knowledgable students, better websites and social media accounts for small businesses and better jobs for clientes who complete certificate programs.

More to come...Stay tuned! 

*For more information on the partner organizations, visit:

Greater Englewood CDC:


See News Article:

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