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Future Angels of Englewood

   My name is Avery Sterling and I'm a mentee in the One Summer Chicago Plus Program at the Peace community Center and my mentor is Ms. Chyrisse Dunnorm. My mentor has taught me a lot of things such as how to balance work while attending school, how to dress properly for an interview, having priorities, reasons for working, and having integrity. I also learned a lot about Responsibility. I learned that you have responsibilities in a work place like following rules and regulations, and knowing how to communicate and handle situations when working with a team.

I learned you have many responsibilities as a Father and Family member too. I learned that it takes a lot of different things to become a man; I learned you have to own up to your mistakes and not blame everyone for your decisions. I’ve learned that I need to earn a degree to further my career. We care a lot about the surrounding community and the people within it we feed the community every Wednesday and Friday. We volunteered at other Children Home + Aid sites handing out resources to the community on health. We also walked through the community handing out flyers for GED classes for teens an older people of the community to get an education. I learned how resilient we are in everything we do throughout everyday life experiences.

     I have learned a ton from my co-workers a.k.a "THE DREAM TEAM". The Dream Team showed me that we can all get along in CHICAGO, that in fact we have more in common than we do indifferent only if we communicated with each other in a positive way. Regardless of the fact that we reside in almost six different communities we get along as one big Family and we all met each other three weeks ago (I credit our group circles for this). We are the future and we have the power to influence our kid’s future and their kid’s future. So with that said overall I leaned how to love and care for a stranger just as if he/she was one of my family members which we are. We are the ANGELS OF ENGLEWOODS FUTURE.

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