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One Summer Chicago Plus: Peace Center

My name is Tony Robinson and I'm a mentee in the OSC plus at the Peace Community Center and my mentor is Ms. Chyrisse Dunnorm. She has helped me to learn many life lessons. First, I learned about the importance of balancing work, school, and family to your advantage so you can succeed in life the best way possible. Secondly, I learned what integrity meant and I learned that you can be in integrity by saying you will do something and actually following through with it.

Next, I learned what resilience was and how resilience is used at all times and that some times you are resilient without even knowing it. Then, I learned what it meant to be a man and I found out my self that manhood is a hard thing to obtain, the knowledge we learn every day helps us young men to become men. Lastly, just recently I learned what responsibility truly is and I fell as though I have become a very responsible young man and I have learned that responsibility is a big part in becoming a man. We also went on trips as a plus we went to the Taste of Chicago, Millennium Park and more. We also were involved in a program to feed people that wanted food or may have needed. In conclusion this has been a great experience and i have learned lots about what it means to become an adult and I'm grateful I got the chance to be apart of this program.

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10:01 PM
Jul 23, 2014
Jimi Orange says:

Great story Tony!

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