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Greencorps Mentor Looks Forward to Spending the Summer With Youth

Greencorps will focus on teaching horticulture and bicycling.  A unique component of this summer's program is bike building.  That's right, we'll each be building our own bike!  Once they are safety approved, we'll take our new wheels and explore the city.  You may see us on any day riding around the neighborhood, and beyond.  Wave and say hello!

I'm personally very excited about the horticulture program, where we'll learn about native plants and their uses beyond just enhancing the aesthetic of the community.  Many of our native plants can be used for food and herbal medicines.  You may be surprised--one man's weed is another man's gourmet dinner!  I like to beautify every space that I occupy and I am honored to be allowed to contribute to the beauty of Englewood this summer, and to work with the amazing young people here.

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