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The Englewood Food Network Neighborhood Redevelopment Program

The englewood Food Network (EFN) is a non-profit charitable organization, established in 2001 consisting of 27 soup kitchens and food pantries, serving the Englewood and West Englewood communities.  The EFN has started a Neighborhood Redevelopment program to Help re-stabilize the Englewood Community that's been ravaged by the foreclosure crisis.  The EFN Renovates abandoned and forclosed homes.  The Renovated homes are then sold or rented at reduced rates to provide affordable housing within the community.

The EFN believes that renovating foreclosed homes makes neighborhoods safer.  When a home is renovated , it helps breathe life back into the neighborhood.  It also shows that the residents cares about their community.  EFN hopes that by renovating theses foreclosed homes, it will help reduce the communities crime rate by eleminating havens for criminal activities.  The EFN envisions a brighter, more stable Englewood community. visit our blogspot

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