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Daughter-Mother Team Complete and Compete

Nicole and Henrietta graduated from a recent class at Greater West Town's Shipping & Receiving Program.  Not only were they classmates, and now co-alumnae, they are also mother and daughter.   

Henrietta, mother and former truck driver, sought training at GWTP during a stretch of unemployment.  Nicole, daughter and young person with no high school diploma, was tired of temp work.  She passionately wanted to learn the skills at GWTP and access the door to opportunity these skills would open.

In training both women worked hard.  The program was academically challenging, fast-paced, with new skills introduced daily.   Through determination and supportive instruction, each excelled.  Nicole picked up on inventory control and technology quickly.  Henrietta demonstrated the work ethic of mature experience.  Both improved their reading and math skills astronomically during training!

The skills learned at GWTP have enabled both women to compete in today's tough job market.  Nicole has been a warehouse associate at Terrace Paper Co. for five months now, and receives high praise for her work.  Henrietta has meanwhile enjoyed her work at Goodness Greeness, the Midwest's leading supplier of organic foods.

Henrietta's reflections:  "I will utilize all the skills I have learned at GWTP.  My whole way of being is more confident, more assured."  Nicole says: "My attitude changed.  After completing the program, I was able to take constructive criticism in a mature way.  I know how to stay focused and positive."  During training, GWTP helped Nicole prepare for the GED test - and she passed!

If you want your hard work to earn you skills that compete successfully for jobs in today's market, apply for GWTP's Wood Products Manufacturing Program (starts end of Nov) or Shipping & Receiving Training Program (starts early Dec).  Call to get started: 312-563-9570. 


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