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CPS Community Watch Worker Blows Whistle In Englewood

In a written statement, CPS community watch worker reported to her supervisor that she encountered a sex offender on her route.

The Englewood community watch worker who has asked to remain anonymous reported the incident in early October 2013. After receiving the database containing information on the child sex offender’s registry, Jane Doe carefully matched faces of men acting suspicious on the safe passage routes in Englewood.

One particular day the analyzing and the studying paid off.  According to a written statement, Doe observed a male individual that allegedly matched one of the men from the sex offender registry. “The man was interacting with the students on the safe passage route.” Said Jane Doe 

She matched one of the men from the sex offender registry. 

As an attentive CPS community watch person would do, she distracted the alleged sex offender attention away from the students.  She immediately informed her base operator of the incident.  This information was passed on to 7th District Police and Chicago Public School system.

According to Illinois State Laws:  It is unlawful for a child sex offender to reside within 500 feet of a school, playground, or any facility providing programs or services exclusively directed toward people under the age of 18 unless they owned the property prior to July 7, 2000. 

Are sex offenders allowed in parks?  As of January 1, 2011, it is unlawful for a sex predator or a child sex offender to knowingly be present in any public park under the jurisdiction of the state or local government.

Can a child sex offender have unsupervised contact with children?  It is unlawful to leave a minor in the control of a child sex offender.  For more information on the state law of child sex offenders in Illinois, go to

Advice from safe passage community watch workers, Talk to your children tell them not to talk to strangers; When walking to and from school they should go straight to school; When leaving school head straight for home.

Web Editor's Note: Safe Passage worker notified on duty CPD officer during the sighting and an CPS representative was informed. Incident is currently being reviewed.

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