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Chicago's View on Gun Laws

Syron Smith (NBCU) Founder

Syron Smith

October 16, 2013

 Mayor of City of Chicago

121 North LaSalle 5th floor

Chicago, Illinois 60602

Dear Mr. Emanuel,

My name is Syron Smith of the 17th Ward. I have mailed four letters to you since you have taken office (6/14/11-7/16/11-8/8/11-9/29/11) all four have gone unanswered, so my expectations for this one being responded to is very low. I pledged to continue to document my perspective on topics and issues that I feel you need to hear a different perspective on. As a taxpayer I want to ensure I have done my part to make government better and writing you this letter is a part of that, whether or not government listens is up to you.

The purpose of this letter (5th) is surrounding your vision for gun control to make the city safer. I agree in some forms that gun laws could be strengthened and loop holes closed, however the lack of a transparent all-inclusive plan that addresses violence is truly troubling to me. I find it very difficult to understand with all the smart people around you that you appear to be focusing on just one dimension of the violence (laws).

PRE stands for prevention, resources and enforcement, this represents a balanced approach. Your current response to violence appears to be on the “enforcement side”. Emphasizing one side more than the other, is unbalanced and has consequences. What is your plan for prevention? What is your plan for resources?

In the Black community, when you talk about gangs and gangbangers, I feel you and Mr. Garry McCarthy don’t understand the African American experience. A lot of times, those same people you are saying are the problems are just isolated individuals trying to survive in an environment that has designed enormous roadblocks. Mayor Emanuel there are other cultures that benefit from the demise of the African American community. If you as a leader do not see that then we can forget about any efforts to prevent it because you do not see it as a problem. Your proposed legislation will increase jobs “for others” especially construction jobs of new prisons at the expense of our isolated individuals, therefore, I oppose the idea of mandatory jail time that you feel will make Chicago safer.

There are people like myself, when I was a teenager (1993) who carried a gun for protection because it was a matter of survival. Under your plan, I would have been incarcerated for 3 years and not allowed to join the U.S. Navy and become a successful military veteran. What I am suggesting Mr. Emanuel is to review your thoughts on how to make our city safer and include others with various perspectives in your decisions. As I stated previously, I have written to you four times with no response. I see you with the same preachers and community activists that may lead you to believe they speak of the entire community but they do not. I learned in the military that a superior leader is not afraid to have those challenging voices around him or her when it is decision time. I am prayerful that you exercise that superior leadership because our entire city could benefit. 


Syron Smith

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