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Samaiya's Biography

Well...I'm fifteen years old & I go to Lindblom Math & Science Academy...I'm going to be a Sophmore for the years of 2013-2014. Lindblom is a nice school...For grammar school I went to Woodlawn Community School & for middle school I went to Turner Drew Language Academy. I took Spanish there, I currently take Chinese & I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! Ni xi huan shen me? :) Anyway.. I live in the Englewood Community of Chicago. I've been living here for about ten years of my life. I personally love Englewood. Beverly, Bronzeville & other neighborhoods are OKAY...But Englewood has always been there for me! I trust my neighborhood. In College, I wanna study Early Childhood Education because I ave always liked working with children. I also like doing hair. But I want to be an entrepreneur also. So I guess I'll just own a school and a shop, lol. I'm an only child. I share a birthday with my mom. In my spare time I pretty much it lol..I hang with my best friend Ariel most of the time. & I love her soooo much! I'm not one of those girls who just absolutely needs a boyfriend. Thats soooooo lame. like do you need water, cause ya sound thirsty. If a boy finds me, fine. But I most definitely am not looking for one. I really only worried about school & my grades...thats what selective enrollment does to you. lol. I'm really outgoing & I love to shop. I dont really shop much anymore because I dont plan on being my size forever. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Rihanna..omg if I could just listen & stare at her all day I would! I love Miley Cyrus too. I didnt just start liking her like everybody else, I've been there since Hannah Montana & I aint going nowhere! I love Drake too, Frank Ocean, Trey Songz, The Weeknd, Nicki Minaj & Meagan Good... they are all amazing & my only favorite artists! But...dont get me started on Reginae Carter..I'm pretty sure you dont know who she is but I love her so much!! (She's Lil Wayne's daughter) I will meet her one forreal forreal. I really like the OMG Girlz but they havent made any recent music lately. But yeah...thats my life! Thanks for reading!

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