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County Board President Preckwinkle, Commissioner Butler, and Representative Flowers Tour Institute of Women Today

On June 13, 2013, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle and Cook County Commissioner Jerry "Iceman Butler (3) conducted a District Visit at the Institute of Women Today.  They were joined by  State Representative Mary E. Flowers (31) for a tour of IWT's Maria Shelter and Vincennes Senior Center in the Englewood Community.

President Preckwinkle joins Maria Shelter's newest resident and her mother during tour.

"We were delighted by the selection of our organization by President Preckwinkle and Commissioner Butler for a District Visit and pleased that they were joined by Representative Flowers," stated Institute of Women Today Executive Director Angela Hicks.  "It provided an opportunity for them to see in person the work that we are doing to help women, children, families, and seniors in our community meet their needs and realize their fullest potential."

The Institute of Women Today's programs include Maria Shelter, a 50-bed interim housing facility for homeless women and their children, Vincennes Senior Center providing programs and resources for elder citizens in Englewood, and Believe, a second 50-bed interim housing facility including families headed by fathers and intact families.  The Institute of Women Today will celebrate its 40th year of service to those in need in 2014.  Phone number is 773-651-8372, and website is


Representative Flowers

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