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Secrets that destroy families "Addiction"

The intensity is just as stimulating as “Requiem for a Dream” & “Precious” yet its cultured like the movie “Brown Sugar.” This compulsive tale of a family’s secret reminds us that life for each of us has its own individual journey. 

Chicago producer Kenya Renee has done it again.  Many know her as the young lady who lives to break the cycle in the community by producing stage plays and a host of inspirational events, but now add movies under her belt.  

Fed up with independent movies that hold no substance, Kenya put the pen to the pad and wrote the movie "Deacon's Choice."  A film supporting recovery for affluent addicts, women and teen girls. She hopes her voice and expertise in this field would be the perfect addition to empower young ladies to do what’s right with their bodies! Because the film is about overcoming addiction, it will be a catalyst to gain more notoriety by a group never considered before and allow for a target market campaign for women and those aged 21-55. 

Deacon's Choice is directed by Parris Reaves of HawkFilmz Enterprize and is currently in production.  You can spot Kenya's movie trailers throughout Chicago and surrounding suburban areas until May 1, 2013.  

For media inquiries or to find out how you can become an extra, you may email:  For more information on the film visit: 

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