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National Children's Study a success in Chicago!

The Greater Chicago Study Center (GCSC) would like to thank local organizations, schools, churches, childcare centers and individuals in Chicago and Cook County communities who supported the National Children’s Study (NCS) for the past two years. Recruitment for the Vanguard (pilot) phase of the National Children’s Study was successfully completed; nationally over 4,000 families have been enrolled! Cook County participants will continue to be a part of the NCS for the Vanguard phase as families currently enrolled in the Study will be followed for the next 21 years. The continued participation of local families in the NCS will help us increase our understanding about how the environment and affects children’s health and development. As the NCS evolves and looks to increase operational efficiencies, management of participants and data collection in Cook County will move from the GCSC to a Regional Operations Center (ROC) for the Central region of the US, led by NORC at the University of Chicago. Be on the lookout for more information from the Central ROC and its involvement with NCS participants in your community. Once again, we sincerely thank you for your support in our efforts to improve the lives of future generations of children! To learn more about the NCS, watch our video part of which was filmed right here in Englewood!

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