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Day Two of The Teacher Strike Continues; Englewood Parents are Optimistic

Day 2 of the Chicago Public School Strikes continues as thousands of CPS teachers take to the streets instead of the classrooms.

CTU and CPS have gone back to the bargaining today but they remain deadlock as an agreement between the two has not been reached.

Englewood teachers in union with fellow CPS teachers citywide simply want a fair contract and are not folding until their demands are met. Englewood parents are in support of the teachers fighting for a fair contract but feel that their children are being impacted the most the longer the strike lasts. 

Parents have been encouraged to keep their children educationally engaged. 

Nicholson Specialty School students

Rashanah Baldwin

At Teamwork Englewood students from Nicholson Elementary are using their time wisely, they're rehearsing for a play titled “What’s Understood Don’t Need to Be Explained”, written by Javahna Borden an Englewood parent and resident.

Going to the library everyday and reading to his children is what Yarnell Arrington Sr., a father of two at Nicholson Elementary is doing to educate them. His youngest son is also a part of the play and will be rehearsing during the day as the strike continues.

Like most of the parents interviewed, Arrington Sr. supports the strike and wants to see the teachers get what they're seeking.  If the teachers are unhappy then it would not be fair to have unhappy teachers teaching his children, says Arrington Sr.

The hallways of  D.S. Wentworth Elementary remain empty with the exception of a few

D.S. Wenworth Elementary

Rashah Baldwin

non CTU members and Dina Everage, D.S Wentworth Principal. As Principal for three years, she gets the teachers reasons for striking. However, she feels that any disruption to students at D.S. Wenworth is only hindering them from learning and it puts them at a disadvantage.

Everage is a parent to two students that attend schools in Englewood and believes if the strike last longer than a week she will be forced to seek alternative educational methods.

For alternative options for childcare, visit to sign up your child, or call 311.

In Englewood several locations are providing limited childcare.

Kelly Library - 6151 S. Normal Boulevard  Ph. 312-747-8418   Hours: 10am-6pm

Chicago Embassy Church- 5848 S. Princeton Ph. 773-684-0444   Hours: 8:30am-2:00pm

New Cannan Land M.B Church-5957 S. Peoria Street  Ph. 312-479-4392 Hours: 8:30am-2:00pm

St. James Industrial Church-8539 S. Racine  Ph. 773-723-8242  Hours: 8:30am-2:00pm

CBO Salvation Army: Englewood- 945 W. 69th Street  Ph.773-358-3200  Hours: 7:00am-4:00pm

Mays Elementary School-838 W Marquette Rd  Ph. (773) 535-3892   Hours: Not given

Sherwood Elementary School-245 W 57th Street Ph. (773) 535-0829  Hours: Not given

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