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Parents aren't parents

I live in englewood, and have been a resident here for 31 years.  What i see is a lot of poverty. Jobs are few and none for un-educated, non-degree/and or no-experience people. Also, i see a group of people who seen to have given up hope that things will get better.  I see a loss of fear in the all mighty god, and parents, who have given in to their children. There are so many young and old parents that cling to public assistance. They seem to have lost hope, self esteem, and self confidence. Kids are raising kids, and parents are either working two or three jobs to make ends meet, or just out there doing drugs, or prostitution, or both. Gangs have accumulated from peer pressure, and a sense of love and protection from each other, done with a threat of  do or die. They have ano choice. Either they do this, even if they don't want to, or we will do that. This is a life style they truly probably hate, but have no choice visible to them. There are so many ignorant people out here who are parents, and aren't willing to take an in depth look at themselves. Children and grown ups walk across the grass of other peoples properties without a care. They litter even sometimes right in front of you, and don't even realize just how ignorant they are. We must be aware of our actions. Tossing garbage out on the street, or out of a moving car.


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