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NATO Is Here But What About Keeping Peace in Chicago?

Chicago makes the second city in the U.S. to hold the NATO summit, but many Chicagoans have mixed emotions about the purpose and the role it will serve.


Some have expressed concerns about the inconvenience they will incur while others have concerns about the attention that it takes away from addressing crime in Chicago.

The NATO website describes it as "An alliance of countries from North America and Europe committed to fulfilling the goals of the North Atlantic Treaty signed on 4 April 1949."  

The alliance that is mentioned above does not exist here in Chicago, at least not between the West and South side communities of Chicago, according to residents in Englewood. Could imposing that same treaty help combat crime in Chicago?

Additional support?

Some suggest the additional security and law enforcement called in to assist with the summit could

Chicago Police (during first NATO Protest)

Rashanah Baldwin

also be called in to address and assist with the crime in Chicago.

"An armed attack against one or more of them…shall be considered an attack against them all', as the NATO treaty reads. However, the goal of the U.S. and the European allies is to unite to fight against Communism and promote democracy.

Has this mission changed?

Originally the mission was described "To safeguard the freedom and security of its members by military and political enforcement."

Are the goals, issues and concerns of the Chicagoans being ignored? Are they being ignored in the communities with the highest crime such as Englewood, Roseland, Austin and Lawndale?

Could the impact of these protests and NATO be a good thing for the city, possibly helping Chicago to be recognized as an international city?

Mayor Rahm Emmanuel expressed on Wednesday, just five days before the summit, that this would be a historic time for Chicago and to embrace the opportunity to show the city off to world leaders.

Despite what you feel about NATO and the impact it will have on Chicago, the 25th NATO Summit has occupied the city of Chicago for the weekend.

Dozens of leaders and dignitaries from around the world are here in Chicago and the first day of the summit will be held on Sunday, May 20th and will last until Monday, May 21st.

President Obama is expected to arrive in his hometown Chicago later this Saturday afternoon and on Sunday the First Lady, Michelle Obama, will be in town giving the NATO Spouses a tour of Chicago's Southeast-side. The tour will include a visit to the Gary Comer Youth Center, a luncheon and performances by Chicago's own South-Side Drill Team, Muntu Dance Thearte and Soul Children of Chicago.

To learn more about the NATO events in Chicago visit the Chicago NATO Summit 2012.

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