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The Soooooooul Train Will Live On

“The Soooooooooul Train!”  That phrase is an African American icon all on its own; All the residents on 66th and Perry would be glued to their TV screens when Soul Train was on.

 To sit and watch Soul Train was an ongoing family tradition for our household. My mom wanted to see Don Cornelius, my dad wanted to see the Asian lady with the long hair and my sisters and I wanted to see who was performing on stage and who was dancing in the “Soul Train Line”.  My personal favorite was the “Soul Train Scramble Board”. I would frantically attempt to shout out the answer before anyone else in my house, aggravating the mess out of my mom every time!!  The showed aired for about an hour and that never seemed long enough; the show would end and we would yearn for more.

With the show’s roots hailing from Chicago, Soul Train and its founding father, Don Cornelius, will live forever in our hearts.  Rest peacefully Brother Cornelius…”and as always in parting, we wish you love, peace and soul!”

Keywords: African American History Month, Chicago History, Chicago Legends, Don Cornelius, Soul Train

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