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KKC/WCI's Parrot Cage Restaurant-A Pure Culinary Delight

As part of my birthday celebration on Sunday September 25th, I had the pleasure of attending brunch with my family.  The plans for this BIG day were made over a month ago, compliments of my very eager father.  I still remember the call in early August.  He asked about my plans for my birthday and I responded "Dad, that's over a month away, I don't know.  Why, what's up?" He then told me about the reservation he placed for brunch at the Parrot Cage Restaurant.  I was reluctantly excited due to my unfamiliarity of the restaurant, so I did a little research. 

I searched for the restaurant online and found it immediately.  On their site I was not only able to access the menu for dinner and brunch but I was also able to make a reservation, if needed.  As the days passed by, my dad and I shared a few conversations about the Parrot Cage, mostly about the cuisine and the fact that I had never been there before.  Well, the day finally arrived and it was quite a day.

The Parrot Cage Restaurant is housed inside the beautiful South Shore Cultural Center located at 7059 S. South Shore Dr.  Upon entering you are greeted by the host/hostess that confirms your reservation then forwards you to the cashier.  For the Sunday brunch, the larger dining room is open to the public to accommodate the substantial number of dining guests.  The aroma filled the air causing my stomach to beg for a taste.  The seating was nicely placed, providing enough room without invading the space of your neighbor at an adjoining table.  The menu included your regular brunch items consisting of omelette, waffle, fresh fruit, salad and dessert stations.  There is an addition to this menu which changes every Sunday.  I attended on the fourth Sunday so our additional menu items included Roasted Pork Loin, Salmon and Catfish Timbales, along with Chicken Etoufee and a host of vegetables.  The cuisine was very pleasing to my palette and that of my family members as well.  I applaud the staff of KKC/WCI for their wonderful service and all the hard work that went into creating these delectable delights. 

If you have not had the opportunity to visit the Parrot Cage Restaurant, do so and you won't be disappointed.  The Parrot Cage is culinary candy that will satisfy your sweetness for fine dining. 

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