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Englewood Smart Communities Awards

Graduation Celebration!!

Englewood Residents practice using their Net Books

On Thursday, September the Smart Communities Team recognized Englewood residents who completed the requirements of the Englewood Smart Communities Digital Literacy Training Program.  Awardees were presented with a Net Book and participated in a mandatory Net Book orientation session.



To learn how you can partipcatate in the Digital Literacy Training Program to earn a Net Book or a Certificate of Digital Literacy contact:

Demond Drummer

Phone: (773) 488-6600



Clarence Hogan

Phone: (773) 487-3731


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9:37 AM
Sep 29, 2011
Ora J. Richardson says:

I like to thank Digital Literacy Training Program, Blue Ocean Logics, Center for Working Families, and Teamwork Englewood, as well as Demond Drummer and Clarence Hogan for making it possible for me to receive a netbook. I also like to thank the instructors, Clarence Hogan and Demond Drummer, for teaching me more about the computer and helping me become more ease with operating the computer. I really enjoy the classes and will continue to attend the ones that I can utilize in my everyday live. I want to thank Blue Ocean Logics for making it poosible for me receiving a netbook and I am really enjoying it. This is going to help me with my future plans.

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