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The Family Net Center at Kennedy King College is now OPEN!

To use the Internet to find a job, write to the local alderman, read the news or perform any other online task, a person must have more than access to a computer. He or she also has to understand how to use digital technology and feel comfortable online. That important distinction is at the heart of the Smart Communities Family Net Centers.

 The Family Net Centers are a part of the Smart Communities program, which works to ensure increased digital access and use for families, businesses and other institutions in fiveChicagoneighborhoods: Auburn Gresham, Chicago Lawn,Englewood,HumboldtParkand Pilsen. Funded through the federal Broadband Technology Opportunities Program and supported by LISC/Chicago, Smart Communities is part of the City ofChicago’s Digital Excellence Initiative and operated by key agencies in each of the communities.

 Each Family NetCenter is a convenient neighborhood resource designed to help local residents make computers part of their lives. Fully integrated with existing Centers for Working Families in one of the five Smart Communities, the Family Net Centers invite the public to use state of the art computers and broadband access, and they offer training and assistance designed specifically for community members. All services are free toEnglewood,WashingtonPark and Woodlawn residents as well asKennedyKingCollegestudents.

 As part of Centers for Working Familiesthe Smart Communities Family Net program works to ensure digital access for children and families, businesses, agencies and other institutions in five New Communities Program neighborhoods.  The three “Smart Community Plans” tie into an overarching master plan centered on five strategies:

Build awareness

Expand digital education and training

Improve access to technology

Generate local content about neighborhood news and resources

Help grow existing businesses and attract new ones

This is done by providing:

Computer Training

Open Access to the Resource Room

Technology Resources

 Contact Information:

Name:         Clarence Hogan

Position:    FamilyNetCenterManager

Location:    KennedyKingCollege, 747 West 63rd Street, Building V Room 106

Phone:        (773) 487-3731


Keywords: Broadband Technology, City of Chicago’s Digital Excellence Initiative, Family Net Center, Kennedy King College, LISC/Chicago, Smart Communities

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12:26 AM
Aug 13, 2011
Janet says:

This center is another great asset to the Englewood community. Now, I hope that those individuals who truly need the education at Kennedy-King and the computer lab will utilize these resources to obtain employment and knowledge. This knowledge can be taken back to neighbors, relatives and friends and used to improve our community. Englewood can be Great, as Long as the People think of themselves as being Great and able to accomplish something useful and worthy to be proud of and shared positively.

3:56 PM
Aug 12, 2011
Corrinn says:

Glad to see it finally open! What a great resource and space for the community. Please be sure to do some good marketing to make sure it is well utilized.

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