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yw3 summer program

The englewood youth web and writing workshop (yw3) is an intensive program.

The ages are from 14-17. What you will be learning is how to build your own web site. The skills you wiil develop is becoming a better writer and learning html and css well enough to do it on your own. The Englewood portal is a community based web site to share information. The web site has a directory of organizations, schools, and business. I think that the program was good. We went on two trips one of them was to a non-profit organization called WBEZ. I personally didn't like that trip because he was just talking for most of the time while we was there. The other trip that we had went on was WGN I enjoyed that trip because I see them on T.V everyday. Also, we got to meet the weather anchor Tom Skilling. He told the students how he knew when it was going to rain from the satellite.

I like the program because now I have a new set of skills that I can use. "I would recommened this program to any teenager," said Lamirah. HTML (hyper markup language) were you can tag files to achieve font, color,graphic and hyperlinks. CSS (cascading style sheet) is used to set color and different style in html. Lastly you will learn how to post your video on your complete web site.


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