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Reggie Hilliard

My name is Reggie Hilliard  I live in the Englewood community. Also I live with my mother, a brother, and my 3 sisters. My favorite subject in school is math. When I get older I’m going to college. I’ll be majoring in math and technology. After I get out of college I hope to be a lawyer or a teacher. My hobby is playing basketball, and I also like to go to sleep. I am a nice person to know, and I really work well with other people. I am leader and I can help people do a lot of things because I’m very intellgent.

Keywords: After School Matters, Englewood Activities, Englewood Youth, Smart Communities, Teamwork Englewood, Writing, YW3

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10:46 AM
Sep 27, 2011
RME says:

I am happy to see that you want to do something good with your life

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