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College Tour 2011

Tony Robinson put on the campus of Ohio State University.

My name is Tony Robinson and I attend Robeson High School. I am a freshman representing the class of 2014. Me and two other guys, Tywon McCall and Gaylon Spriuel, went on the 2011 Spring Break College Tour with the Chicago YMCA  Black and Latino Achievers program (BLA).

Our trip was very proudly sponsored by The United Way African American Male  Initiative (AAMI) and the Randstad Corporation.

The reason I went on the college tour was to decide what kind of college I would like to attend. We went to nine different colleges including Michigan State, Concordia University, and Ohio State. The college I enjoyed the most was Ohio State. The reason I liked Ohio State is because the school reminds me of a city of its own.

Tywon said  the reason he went on the college tour was to see all of the different colleges between Ohio and Michigan and to see which school he was interested in.

"Some of the things I liked about the college tour was that I got the experience I needed to know what college life is all about," said Tywon. "I loved learning about the history  of all the different colleges."

Gaylon said the school he is  thinking of applying to is  Ohio State or Michigan State because he loves those two campuses. He also liked both of their football teams and  the different cultures between the two. 

"I learned that college can be an amazing part of your life,"said Gaylon."You can meet new people from communities different from your own".

Check this cool slideshow out that Tywon and Gaylon made - it's nice.

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12:36 PM
May 5, 2011
Chyrisse Dunnorm says:

The college tour was a Great experience for the youths in the Englewood. They need to know that their education can take them in a new and exciting direction and college is on of them. I'm excited about their future plans especially those of Gaylon Spruiel (Peace). Thank you for inviting Gaylon to go this college tour. It was a wonderful experience for him.
Chyrisse Dunnorm( Peace)

11:48 AM
May 5, 2011
Michael Tidmore says:

Tony, Tywon, Gaylon you guys stay focus on your education. A few years from now you should be attending a college--on your way to doing great things with your lives.

4:11 PM
May 4, 2011
Norma Sanders says:

Tony, I am so impressed by your article. Thank you so much for sharing you guys story. What a great way for you all to spend your spring break. Kudos! I am really impressed :-)

3:58 PM
May 4, 2011
Patrick Barry says:

Great story, Tony. Thanks for filling us in on the college tour.

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