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The balm of jazz comes to Englewood

Howard Reich, the Chicago Tribune's arts critic, reports in the newspaper on the 11th annual Englewood Jazz Festival, which he describes as "an early springboard to future glories. Trumpeters Corey Wilkes and Maurice Brown, saxophonists Kevin Nabors and Aaron Getsug and many more achieved some of their early career successes at Englewood."

The event brings out hundreds of residents from all around the community, and Reich points out that participation is especially notable because the Englewood Jazz Festival has such a strong emphasis on experimental music: "You won't hear retro swing bands or other nostalgia acts – this festival instead looks to the future."

"[The festival] affects the whole community. A lot of people look forward to it each year – they bring their lawn chairs, they feel comfortable coming into the park," saxophonist-bandleader Ernest Dawkins told Reich.

Click here to read the Trib's article.

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