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Mercy Home for Boys & Girls has Openings for Boys Ages 14-16 & Girls Ages 16-18 Years Old

Is there a child in your life who is struggling at home or in school? Have they faced difficult experiences, such as grief, loss, unstable living environments, or other traumatic events? Mercy Home may be a solution for these kids. Currently, we have residential openings for kids who are:
  • Males 14-16 years old
  • Females 16-18 years old
  • Performing poorly in school (i.e. truancy, failing grades, and conduct issues)
  • Having difficulty with peers (i.e. fight) and talking back to teachers
  • Not getting along with parents and siblings (i.e. frequent verbal arguments)
  • Experiencing grief because of the death of a loved one or divorce
  • Experiencing or have experienced trauma due to violence (i.e. gang violence, domestic violence, and/or bullying), stress from their environment, neglect, and/or abuse
  • And/or involved with a negative peer group(s).
Mercy Home is a resource, and we want to help your child(ren) create a brighter future. If you know or are someone who fits some of the above criteria, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help!

Contact us by calling (312) 738-8575 or visit our website to learn more.

What is Mercy Home for Boys & Girls:

Mercy Home for Boys & Girls has been helping children in need since 1887.  We provide the young people in our full-time care the tools they need to overcome early trauma and become successful and contributing members of society.

We partner with our children’s families to promote emotional and psychological healing. And we are committed to raising the public’s awareness about children in need.

Mercy Home’s residency program is for young people between the ages of 11 and 21 who live in situations that place extra stress on their health and progress. The common thread that connects our children to Mercy Home is that they have experienced trauma and that they are committed to changing their lives.

We welcome referrals of kids in need from throughout the Chicago area. Our admissions process is designed to ensure that each young man or woman who comes to live at our Home is best served by the resources we provide.

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