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Ark Productions Announces the World Premiere of The Law of Moises

 Chicago, IL - Ark Productions and Questar Entertainment are proud to announce the World Premiere of The Law of Moises, a  family adventure film starring Nic Caruccio, Aaron Fotheringham, Yeniffer Behrens, Billy Dec and directed by Crystal Barnes.

Logline: A troubled young filmmaker desperate to escape his small town discovers his destiny is to save it.

The Law of Moises is a family adventure film about destiny and dreams, whether the dreams we choose are actually the dreams destined for us. The dream that Moises has is to leave his dead-end small town to make big films that will change the world. However, his dream is interrupted when frogs, flies, and a slew of other biblical plagues threaten to destroy his hometown and forcing Moises to make a decision; to either follow his dream or live out his purpose. 

Synopsis: The Law of Moises is a family adventure film about MOISES ("moi-‘sez") who since the death of his parents at the age of nine has only dreamt of one thing – getting out of Cairo, Illinois, a stifling 9 square-mile town, to make his own films that will change the world. Similar to his namesake -Moses 2,000 years earlier- our hero, Moises suffers from a speech impediment and anger issues.  The similarities don’t stop there... in the town, there seems to be BLOOD flowing in the Mississippi River! Other plagues follow, including frogs and locusts that aim to devour the town's historic landmarks.

After a moment of divine intercession and a nudge from his older sister (Yeniffer Behrens), Moises (Nic Caruccio) discovers his purpose: to stay and save his hometown from destruction. After a confrontation with the Mayor (Tom McElroy) - whose evil plan for misuse of a $30 million fund incited the plagues to begin with- Moises, along with a few of his buddies use Scripture and cell phones as weapons to avert each ensuing plague, and Cairo, Illinois is saved!

View the Teaser for the film at:

The Premiere will be held over a 2 day period: 

Friday, October 12

Sunday, October 14

  • Screening of The Law of Moises @ 7pm
  • Park Community Church

1001 N. Crosby St./ Chicago, IL 60610

  • Light Refreshments @ 5:30pm
  • Q & A with Director & Actors @ 8:30-9:15pm


  • Screening of The Law of Moises @ 7pm
  • The Davis Theater

4614 N. Lincoln Ave./ Chicago, IL 60625

  • Light Refreshments @ 5:00pm
  • Q & A with Director & Actors @ 6:45-7:15pm


For tickets, please visit:

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