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CPS Says Englewood Residents Support a Plan to Close Its Schools. Here’s What Really Happened

Asiaha Butler, President of R.A.G.E. Op Ed featured in the Chicago Magazine, titled, "CPS Says Englewood Residents Support a Plan to Close Its Schools. Here’s What Really Happened", below is an excerpt:


Five years ago, I wrote a post on the online community board, Everyblock, titled, “No schools will be left in Englewood by 2017!

In it, I pointed out the grim statistics about our neighborhood schools: Many were on probation, didn’t have adequate resources, and were plagued by the racial inequity, segregation, and systemic issues that are considered the norm for Chicago. I felt that the community needed to get involved and find ways to invest in schools to provide our children with the best educational experiences possible.

Now, fast forward to today. Chicago Public Schools is hosting community meetings about a new state-of-the-art, $75 million high school to be built in Englewood. This is a victory, right?

Not at all—because this school is being built at the cost of closing the four current high schools in Englewood.

Read full article here:


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