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Shadowgram a new documentary on the African American Community in Chicago South Side

Hi, Have a look to Augusto Contento's new movie Shadowgram about the African American Community in Chicago.

I am an Italian documentary producer living in Paris, France and I spent two years working in Chicago on the production of the feature documentary SHADOWGRAM with my company Cineparallax.

SHADOWGRAM deals about African-American Chicago community, and it was shot by acclaimed Italian director Augusto Contento.
We are trying to get it distributed all around, in festivals, platforms, theaters, events, Universities, schools because we think it gives voice and new perspectives to an entire community. And because there is a large public out there that is willing to know.

In addition, United Nation Cultural Agency (UNESCO) assigned to our movie the High Patronage - The Route of Slave, for the engagement of the documentary and the courage to show the importance of the African-American culture in the building of democracy and of a great country like the USA.

It was considered so astonishing and capable to tell some untold truth that we were supposed to have a screening in front of United Nations diplomats at the High Commissioner of Human Rights in Geneva (Swiss) with a large debate organised by USA, European, South American, Asian diplomates on March 2017. Unfortunately, this event - it was supposed to take place on the Worldwide Day in Defence of all Human Wrights - was cancelled by the USA Embassy in Geneva.
It looks like that the Wite House itself came across with the fact that SHADOWGRAM was going to be screened officially in front to the whole diplomatic community and that people were going to discover some hidden truth about USA African-American integration (or dis-Integration) in Chicago. And they stopped the screening.

Consider that SHADOWGRAM has been asked by prestigious Universities for screenings, debates, conferences - Sorbonne, University of Chicago in Paris, Paris Diderot, Paris 8, ecc...

For us it sounded like a quite incredible story (for me, European producer, at least), because at Cineparallax, French, free and Independent production company, we're not used to this kind of censorship... is it normal for you?

Please, let me know if you are interested in knowing more about SHADOWGRAM.

All my best,

Giancarlo Grande


Keywords: Augusto Contento, Documentaries, Englewood, Giancarlo Grande, movies, Shadowgram

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