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As an adult education instructor, many times my classes will present a “first time ever” experience to me.  Sometimes it’s things like – first time I raised my voice, first time NO ONE was prepared for their presentation, etc.  But with the Wood Products Manufacturing Class which graduated on May 5th, it was something positive: they were the first class ever to ALL speak at graduation.  Instead of choosing a couple representatives, this group showed their teamwork by giving everyone equal time!  And they did a magnificent job.

It is always wonderful to see a group of people take ownership for creating a positive environment for one another.  These graduates acted on their inclinations to be fair, to include, to collaborate, and to encourage.  In a way their initiative represents the broader work of community development to which Greater West Town Training Partnership is dedicated.  Community development work has at its heart – a desire for justice and compassion, opportunity for education and employment for all.

Congratulations to Class 66!  These folks spent 15 weeks preparing for entry-level positions as skilled cabinetmaker apprentices, bench carpenters, machine operators, CNC operators, assemblers, solid surface counter fabricators.  At its training facility at 500 N. Sacramento, Greater West Town also has a 12-week Shipping & Receiving Training Program for learning inventory control, RF scanner, computerized warehouse management, OSHA safety card, and certified fork lifting skills.  Both trainings are Monday through Friday, full time, with job placement services included.  

If you have interest in pursuing a career in wood products manufacturing or logistics, Greater West Town has available seats in its training classes that will start in June.  Call 312-563-9570.  

In three months, it could be you, holding a certificate and smiling at the camera!


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