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Expanding Ideas In The Community

Attention Englewood entrepreneurs and small business owners  Totally blind thought leader L. Darnell Williams CEO of Magnet Ideas Inc. will be introducing himself to members of the community.  Williams lived 15 years as a youth resident of Englewood. Williams believes he has a calling to raise the awareness level, confidence level and belief level of people who want to achieve a significant goal.  

Over the past 35 years williams has developed what he calls "Real Vision".  It is his desire to teach Real Vision concepts to Englewood community members so they can accomplish goals on a higher level.  Williams' unique approach will generate a positive mindshift that is guaranteed to  motivate, encourage, and inspire people to know mor, be more, and do more.

Williams' will be providing anyone he meets who wants to win in life to (The Science of Getting Rich) by Wallace D. Wattles.  This is the foundation reading which led him to create Real Vision.  Williams is on a mission to create one million "Life Winners".  Williams wants to assist community members to recognize their true power and encourage them to love, dream, and believe in themselves on a high level.

If you see L. Darnell Williams in your neighborhood feel free to say hi and tell him what you want, and why you can win in life.  He will be visiting businesses in the Englewood community in the coming

weeks to provide free strategy

sessions.  If you feel like a winner and want a free strategy session you could direct his steps by sending an e-mail to

Following is some additional information about L. Darnell Williams.




  1. Darnell Williams

Life Coach / ProfessionalSpeaker

P.O. Box 34976

Chicago, IL  60634-0976

Phone: (773) 551-7240

"If you can hold it in your head you can hold it in your hand." Bob Proctor

I am fiercely committed to encouraging adult men and women to answer life’s questions, such as (What do you want? Why do you want? How will you feel?) I am on a lifetime journey to share with others their “Real Vision” through coaching people in awareness and confidence growth, building “Life Winners” in areas such as, understanding wealth, growing strong relationships and discovering their passion through their “Real Vision”.

“Real Vision” is your ability to create definite pictures in your mind, develop those visuals in the present moment, step into the scene you produced then live your life driven by the positive images you have created.

I am a proven professional that can guide you to address your stress level, motivation level and problems that stand in your way of lasting success. 

Six things about me and my experience that might surprise you: I am totally blind, I love playing sports, I can travel anywhere on my own, I created bell basketball for blind athletes, I won the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Assn. Hero’s award (for creating the Visually Impaired Athletic Assn). While acquiring my MBA, I worked four years as a substitute teacher in the Chicago Public Schools.

If you want to guarantee yourself or someone you care about a growth in awareness, confidence, and certainty when taking on life’s challenges, while acquiring a mastermind partner in accomplishing life’s goals, pick up the phone and Call Magnet Ideas Inc.  In that moment you will become the #1 person in your life.

It would be my pleasure to guide you to achieve the results you desire.  At Magnet Ideas Inc. we aim to achieve the goal you share with us.  We are confident that “Real Vision” and our Goal Accomplishment blueprint gives you, your family, and/or your organization a great opportunity to enjoy success.

E-mail me at for a personal or business Action Session.

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