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Moving Blind People to the Workforce

 Contribute to the utilization of an untapped resource that will help everyone win.

 I believe as a totally blind person, if the general sighted public were more aware of the skills, talents, and abilities possessed by blind and/or visually impaired people more employment - entrepreneurial opportunities would arise.  I am creating a process whereby blind people will be given a chance to define their skills, talents and passion so that the general sighted public could be made more aware of this untapped resource.  I am confident this growth in awareness could create a cultural mind-shift from (you need help) to a (let me share vision) approach.  This shift would pave the way for more collaborative relationships to be built. Our funding campaign is designed to raise the awareness level, confidence, and belief understanding of both sighted and blind participants.  Contributions will not only help blind people get in to the work force but every sighted person will be encouraged and motivated to achieve significant goals in their lives through the perks provided. Become a "Life Winner" by helping someone else win in life.  Go to: and put blind people to work.

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