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Illinois Hardest Hit Program Relaunches

The program provides mortgage assistance of up to $35,000 to homeowners who have experienced at least a 15% income reduction due to a qualifying hardship and who meet the eligibility criteria.  Previous recipients of Hardest Hit funds cannot reapply.  Qualifying hardships for this round were expanded to


·         Unemployment

·         Decrease/Loss of in Business Income

·         Death of a Spouse or Title Holder


·         Underemployment

·         Loss of Income Due to Disability or Health-Related Event

·         Divorce of a Spouse or Title Holder

*Hardship must have occurred after January 1, 2010.   

 See the below (1) Hardest Hit Fact Sheet for additional program details and (2) flyer with NHS contact information, in English and Spanish. 

About the Application Process

  • The application process starts with the on-line application at    The application is free.
  • Homeowners must select NHS as the counseling agency they want to work with in order for the application to be assigned to NHS Chicago
  • Computer access:  Community technology centers and libraries that offer free computer access can be searched by zip code at
  • Once the on-line application is completed, the homeowner will be contacted by NHS within 24 hours with information on next steps and counselor assignment.  

 (Next steps include: confirmation of application information, eligibility review, document collection, application submission, etc.)

  • Homeowners  can talk  with NHS Chicago by calling the Intake team for information on applying for the  Hardest Hit program: 

773-329-4111 or

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