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Money Moves Vision Board Workshop

Come, create your '2018 Financial Vision' with Aja McClanahan of Princples of Increase and RaShanah Baldwin of Baldwin Media Group for MLK Day! What better way is there to honor his legacy than by leveling up your money game .

Englewood Girls Matter! Tea With A Queen Mentoring Conference

Greater Saint John AME Church’s Women’s Ministry Presents: 2017 Women's Ministry Inaugural Tea With A Queen Mentoring Conference Saturday July 29, 2017


The American Dream or The American Nightmare? What is the reality for Chicago South Siders?

Many understand “The American Dream” as having the white picket fence. A home, two children, a dog and spouse. The successful and/or stable career, financial security, owning a piece of land and later passing it down to the children, has been the definition.

Can Millennials Become The Saviors of Chicago?

Movements such as My Block, My Hood, My City, From The Go, Good In Englewood, Hugs No Slugs, Black Youth Project 100, Assata’s Daughters and BRAVE are led by millennials who are fighting to change the narrative of Chicago. 

Englewood Votes! Informed with Ballot Ready

On November 8, 2016 show up to the polls in numbers and vote informed with the help of Ballot Ready.


Say "Englewood" in Chicago and other words that come to many Chicagoans' minds about this south side neighborhood are often "crime," "gangs," "drugs," "dangerous" and "stay away from it." But what kind of message does that kind of thinking send to the people who live there, who've ALWAYS lived there...

Englewoodians of 2015!

Over the course of last year, I took notice to the individuals who work diligently to change Englewood for the better. They fight to bring awarness to the Good In Englewood.

Englewood's Quality of Life Plan 10th Anniversary (2015)

On April 30, 2015 Teamwork Englewood held the inaugural celebration of "10th Anniversary of The Englewood: Making a Difference Quality-of-Life Plan" to recognize great contributions made by so many of Englewood residents, leaders and organizations.

"Chicago Love"

Chicago leaders from around the city gathered for an advance screening of the documentary “Chicago Love” - hosted by Exact Publicity and presented by Revolt TV.

"Good In Englewood" Broadcast on CAN TV Channel 21

R.A.G.E. is coming back to CAN TV Channel 21 with the "Englewood Call" starting Thursday, July 3rd  live at 7:30pm! Bringing you more "Good In Englewood".

R.A.G.E. President Responds to Shooting on Her Block

Englewood Resident Association President Responds to Shooting on Her Block While Being Interviewed by NPR.

Englewood Residents Spreading The Good News

The upbeat tweets and posts keep coming, a stream of good news about a community more commonly associated...

Does Good In Englewood Exist?

If dreams aren't illegal in the hood then why is it so hard to believe there's good in Englewood? Did you know good in Englewood is being spread every Tuesday's on WKKC 89.3 FM at 1:15pm.

Noticeable Acts of Neighborhood Heroism in Englewood

Black History is American History and we must honor our African American men who sometimes go unnoticed and often times remain anonymous though they make life changing impacts on residents.

Englewood Shop Talk With Shanah B

Englewood Shop Talk with Shanah B is a pilot launch of a monthly speaker series documenting conversations that main stream media fails to capture. WHO REALLY OWNS ENGLEWOOD!! NOV 21ST. Will you be there?

Turn-up in The Name of Fashion Fair

We all are walking billboards. Say Yes! In the name of Fashion Fair Cosmetics is what this die heart Englewoodian did last month during the Fashion Fair Cosmetics party, an event  empowering women...

Whole Foods Moves to Englewood: Mixed Reactions From Residents

America’s healthiest grocery store known as Whole Foods Market is slated to come to Englewood at 63rd Halsted by 2016.

About Me

I attend Gage Park High School. I work with TeamWork Englewood. On Fridays i also work with Tech Fridays.

New Leadership Emerges From Englewood

Resident Association of Greater Englewood (R.A.G.E) is the newest leadership to emerge from Greater Englewood.

Tax Deadline is Here

Tax filers have until midnight tonight to file their 2010 tax returns or an extension.

Back To The Polls.. 14 Wards in Run-Offs

Many Chicagonans are returning to the polls today to decide who to vote for in the aldermanic run-offs.

Organic vs. Non Organic

In choosing  the right foods to consume, have you ever thought about choosing organic or non-organic food items. 

The Englewood Community has a host of vendors and farmers who believe in providing natural, fresh, organic foods to communities like Englewood who often get neglected.

Englewood Faces Chicago 2011 Blizzard

THE BLIZZARD IS HERE!!! Early Tuesday morning the snow began falling and by 10am Chicago was covered in more than 20 inches of snow. In any other citiy, this would be highly unusual, but Chicago is known for its unpredictable weather. This storm of 2011 rivals its predecessors of 1967, 1979 and 1999.

Aldermanic Candidates Face R.A.G.E.

If you are a Greater Englewood Residents living in the 3rd, 20th or 6th wards then you were among more hundreds residents who attended the “Who’s Running?” Candidate Summit this past Saturday, which coincidentally was held on Dr. Martin Luther King’s Birthday, at the Enlgewood United Methodist Church.

Chicago’s Most Notorious Neighborhood On The Rise: Englewood Up to Good

Docs & Dialogue is a grassroot project created by Asiaha Butler and other residents of the Englewood community.  Rashanah Baldwin, also an Englewood resident & energetic journalist  decided to shed light on this project to show the brighter side of Englewood.

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