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An open letter to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel from the Englewood Railway Coalition regarding Norfolk Southern Corp.’s (NSC) attempted hostile takeover of Black-owned homes in Englewood. NSC, a $34.5 billion Virginia-based corporation, is trying to expand a massive freight yard in our neighborhood. The project, which amounts to a land grab of some 84 acres, would destroy the homes, history and traditions of this long-established African-American community.

Norfolk Southern Land Grab Painful Reminder of African-American Housing Struggle

Englewood homeowners are at risk of losing their homes, as Virginia-based Norfolk Southern Corp. tries to build a massive freight yard over a historically Black community. The hostile actions of this $34.5 billion company recall the decades-long challenges African-Americans have confronted as they sought to achieve their dreams.

Englewood Railway Coalition fighting to save homes and history

The Englewood Railway Coalition (ERC) is fighting a David vs. Goliath battle to preserve the history and dignity of Englewood homeowners whose homes are threatened by a Norfolk Southern freight yard expansion. 

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Residents Express Safety Concerns of Norfolk Southern Construction Site

Englewood residents are being exposed to debris, pollution and even inappropriate behavior by construction workers. Zero fences, safety signs or caution tape is present at the construction site on 57th Stewart done by Norfolk Southern Railroad.

Englewood Shop Talk With Shanah B

Englewood Shop Talk with Shanah B is a pilot launch of a monthly speaker series documenting conversations that main stream media fails to capture. WHO REALLY OWNS ENGLEWOOD!! NOV 21ST. Will you be there?

Englewood Community Says No to Norfolk Southern Land Grab!

In an effort to rebuild Englewood we cannot allow a private company to do such an aggressive land grab of our neighborhood. This is clearly an intimidation strategy to force residents to sell their homes cheap and fast…

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