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The Englewood Quality of Life Business Plan Competition Application

The Engelwood Quality of Life Business Plan Competiton 

presented by : The Job and Economic Development Task Force 

The Englewood Quality of Life Community Business Compettion  is presented by the Teamwork Englewood and the Quality of Life Plan Jobs and Economic Development Task Force. The task force was charged with identifying  and envisioning economic development opportunties such as businesses that could help create a viable and sustainable local economony in the heart of Englewood. 

Out of the effort of  taskforce members sprung this competition. A way for local entrpuentuers to be provided with an economic incentive to create or expand small business enterprises and create opportunities for employment within the bounds of the Greater Englewood community area.

We encourage entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses to apply.  Each plan is elgiable to win up to $40,000 in seed funding. 

Englewood Quality of Life Business Plan Application
Due:  August 18, 2016 
1.  Application Form  (also available for online submission below)
2.  Release Form  signatures  ( Signatures required.  Scan and return via email or hand deliver to Teamwork Englewood)

PDF Application HERE , See online application below

(note: with on-line form applicants will still need to submit supplmental hard copies of specfied forms)

Please return all competition forms via Email,  US Mail or Hand Delivery to:
Teamwork Englewood
ATTENTION: Business Plan Competition
Deborah Crable, Project Manager
2nd Floor US Bank Building
815 West 63rd Street
Chicago, Illinois 60621
Phone:  773.488.6600    Direct:  773.547.0777

On-line Business Plan Application

Englewood Quality of Life Business Plan Competition
Final Submission Forms 
1.  Business Plan Check List - PDF Here
2.  Business Plan Outline and Elements - PDF Here
3.  Business Seminar Attendance Verification Form - PDF Here, On-Line form below  

On-Line Business Seminar Verificationl Submission form :

Resources and Information:
For more assitance on creating business plan or understanding rules an guidelines for the competition please see attached resources below.
  • Business Seminar Collaborator List.  Applicants must show proof of attending up to three seminars.  Collaborators are organizations that are providing business plan development assistance and instruction for competition applicants -Here
  • Competition Rules and guidelines - Here
  • City of Chicago Englewood Development Plans- Here
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